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Armory Estonia

STA NIJ Level 4 Plate - Ceramic

STA NIJ Level 4 Plate - Ceramic

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Ceramic Area

Ballistic/Bullet-resistant STA NIJ Level 4 plate - Ceramic;

STA plates are stand-alone and can be used in plate carriers that don't have soft body armor NIJ IIIA inside.

Plate dimensions: 250x300mm;
Thickness: 23mm;


Ceramic area – 200x250mm; Weight: 2,45kg.
Ceramic area – 225x275mm; Weight: 2,6kg


AL2O3 + PE:
Ceramic area – 200x250mm; Weight: 2,73 Kg
Ceramic area – 225x275mm; Weight: 2,9 Kg


Comment: While having a larger SIC or AL2O3 ceramic area does provide more protection, it also increases the weight & price of the item. The area that belongs outside of the ceramic area (PE) provides NIJ Level 3 protection.
For example, SIC+PE with the ceramic protective area of 200x250x has PE material 25mm on each side (25mm on the left/right side & 25mm on the top & bottom side)


Product brand name: Armory Estonia


Ballistic/Bulletproof STA NIJ Level 4 Plate - Ceramic;

STA plates can be used separately, and the presence of a soft NIJ 3A plate in the vest is not necessary.

Board dimensions: 250x300mm;
Plate thickness: 23mm;


Ceramic area - 200x250mm; Weight: 2.45 kg.
Ceramic area - 225x275mm; Weight: 2.6 kg


AL2O3 + PE:
Ceramic area - 200x250mm; Weight: 2.73 Kg
Ceramic area - 225x275mm; Weight: 2.9 Kg


Note: While a larger SIC or AL2O3 ceramic area provides more protection, it also increases board weight and cost. The area outside the ceramic area (PE material) provides NIJ Level 3 protection.
For example, with a SIC+PE ceramic protection area of 200x250mm, there is 25mm of PE material on each edge (25mm on the right and left edges and also 25mm on the top and bottom edges of the plate).


Product brand: Armory Estonia

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