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Armory Estonia

NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Helmet - Model "FAST"

NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Helmet - Model "FAST"

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Ballistic/Bullet-resistant helmet NIJ Level IIIA protects against 9mm & 0.44 magnum.
The helmet includes railings that can be used for a thermal camera, earmuffs & ballistic goggles.


Design differences inside:
"Boa Regulator" - High-quality helmet regulator which isn't included with the "Inner Mesh" model.
"Inner Mesh" - Provides better airflow to reduce sweating.


Weight: 1,55 kg

Material: Kevlar / Aramid
Aramid fibers are flame retardant, heat-resistant, and do not melt or ignite under extreme conditions up to >500°C.


Brand: Armory Estonia

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