About Us

We founded Armory Estonia to provide good quality ballistic equipment for Ukrainian people at an affordable price.
Before any bulk orders, we request additional information to be sure that the equipment will go to the right people who need it & prepare the necessary paperwork.

We can also direct you to the right not for profit organisations, like "MTÜ Slava Ukraini" who can assist You with the logistics.

If You wish to purchase a single helmet or a ballistic plate for a donation purpose then don't hesitate to contact us either. After the purchase, we can mark the item & verify its travel from us to the Ukrainian soldier/civilian.


We founded Armory Estonia to offer ballistic equipment of good quality and reasonable price to the people of Ukraine.

Before placing a large order, we ask for additional information so that we can be sure that the equipment goes to the right people and that we can prepare the necessary documents.
We may also refer you to non-profit organizations and/or organizations such as  "MTÜ Slava Ukraini", who can advise on logistical issues.
If you would like to purchase an individual helmet or ballistic plate to donate, you can also contact us. After the purchase, we mark the product so that we can confirm the delivery of the product to a Ukrainian soldier or civilian.